our Story

Passageways was formed in the hearts of Jennifer and Susan, our Founders, in 2014 with a vision to impact the population of homeless Veteran Heroes living on the streets in the greater Wichita area. Passageways is a private, faith-based non-profit organization providing solution-based ministry services to the homeless and near homeless Veteran population with the mission to, assist every Hero that walks through our doors to achieve their individual goals and provide essential tools and resources for housing stability, independence and self-sustainability.



The brave men and women who voluntarily joined the military to preserve our freedom have returned home to a life filled with anxiety, anger and fear. Many of these brave men and women are vulnerable as they come home and feel hopeless.  These military veterans do what they know how to do, Survive!

In South central Kansas, there are well over 200 homeless veterans continuing to fight on their own home soil. Their "home" is a concrete bridge with makeshift walls formed out of blankets or whatever they can find to protect them from the elements. Or you will find these veterans squatting in an abandoned building. Often, they are afraid to fall asleep for fear of losing what little belongings they have or being harmed.  

With your help, Passageways is working to eliminate veteran homelessness. We provide a safe environment for our Heroes to live while they work towards their personal goals to overcome the challenges and conditions that brought them to this point in their life, homeless and living off the grid.  Passageways gives them a hand-up in life to bring about effective and lasting change.  


Passageways provides a sense of hope and belonging:


“When I walked in the door, I knew this time would be different.  I had a sense of hope and one of belonging.” From Hero Tom.


“They (the Passageways folks) drove me up to this house.  I thought for sure it was one of their houses and they just had to stop there for something.  Then they told me that this was Passageways.  I was stunned.  I felt so comfortable being in a house instead of a shelter.  And, the backyard is awesome!” From Hero Dave.

“I have been to other shelters and felt like just one of the crowd.  Passageways was different.  I felt like I was at home.  Jennifer, Susan and Sean helped me feel like I could overcome my issues.”  From Hero Ron.



Within the walls of Passageways, our Heroes naturally protect each other much like they did while serving our country.  The camaraderie is palpable when you walk through our doors and will be enhanced when we open the doors to Homefront Veteran Neighborhood. The design for Homefront will be cottage homes with front porches clustered into neighborhoods, complete with gardens, walking paths and a dog park.  Additionally, there will be a Resource Center, Community Center, Chapel and other common areas encouraging community support among local veteran organizations.  


Homefront Veteran Neighborhood will be a one-of-a-kind community of Heroes who need a hand-up in life.  Within a gated neighborhood we will have cottage homes for male, female and Heroes with families.  It will also feature parks, playgrounds, gardens and a dog park.  The concept of Homefront Veteran Neighborhood is to provide a place for our Heroes to heal and grow.  


Will you step up and commit to a monthly contribution to help us eradicate the epidemic of homelessness among veterans?  Your generosity will show our nation's veterans that we have not forgotten them. Let's work together to change them from broken to mended; from lost to navigating the right choices; from hopeless to 

hopeful; from homeless to living at the Homefront. Click here to become a monthly partner.